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Are you looking for Math Workshop Activities to use in your classroom that will not only allow you to make the best use of your planning time but also allow you to easily implement Math Workshop because the planning is already done for you?

Within the 24 Weekly Units, you will have 8 activities provided to you each week for you to pick and choose or even allow a choice among your students to determine which activities they want to work on each week.

These low-prep activities will also allow you to spend less time prepping each week and more time spending time with your students in Guided Math, having math conferences, or assessing students.

After many years of using Math Workshop, I dreamt about having a year-long product that was done for me and I could simply pull the activities as needed and this was the culmination of this idea.

Included in This Download for Eighth Grade Math Workshop are:

  • 24 Weeks of Concept and Activity Maps for Easy Planning
  • 24 Weeks of Teacher Instructions
  • Labels for Each Activity (with TEKS, CCSS, and OAS objectives listed and without standards listed)
  • 192 Activities to Cover Concepts and Standards for the Grade Level

Concepts Included Are:

CONCEPTS INCLUDED in the Eighth Grade Math Workshop Activity Bundle ARE:

  • Sets and Subsets of Real Numbers and Ordering Real Numbers
  • Irrational Numbers, Square Roots, & Scientific Notation
  • Write and Solve One Variable Equations
  • Write and Solve One Variable Inequalities
  • Real-World Problems with One-Variable Equations and Inequalities
  • Model and Solve One Variable Equations
  • Angles, Triangles, and Transversals
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Surface Area of Prisms
  • Surface Area of Cylinders
  • Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres
  • Transformations and Dilations
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Transformations on a Coordinate Plane
  • Scale Factor on 2-Dimensional Figures
  • Linear and Area Measurements of Dilations
  • Direct Variation
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional Relationships
  • Identifying Functions
  • Understanding Slope and Rate of Change
  • Representing Linear and Non-Linear Proportions
  • Solving Systems with Graphing
  • Scatterplots and Trend Lines
  • Mean Absolute Deviation and Random Samples

More information can be found here if you have questions.

Personal Copyright: The purchase of this product allows you to use these activities in your personal classroom for your students. You may continue to use them each year but you may not share the activities with other teachers unless additional licenses are purchased. The license for this purchase is NON-TRANSFERABLE. Site and District Licenses are also available.

Copyright © Smith Curriculum and Consulting, Inc. All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: With the purchase of this file you understand that this file is not editable in any way. You will not be able to manipulate the lessons and/or activities inside to change numbers and/or words.


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