Permission to Pin!

There has been much discussion online in various forms (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, etc.) about the Pinterest’s Service Agreement stating that Cold Brew Labs {creators of Pinterest} have the ability, and right, to use your images in other ways as you are not uploading a full-size image but rather a medium-sized image and therefore altering it’s original state. {source}

Here at Live.Teach.Create, I am giving you full permission to pin items from,, Live.Teach.Create’s YouTube, and Live.Teach.Create on Facebook.

Bloggers, please LINK UP BELOW if you want to grant “pinning permissions” to your site visitors. Be sure to include the “Permission to Pinbadge on your own site and link it to this page. If you don’t have a blog but you love Pinterest, visit these sites and blogs and pin away to your heart’s content!

4 thoughts on “Permission to Pin!”

  1. Haven’t really decided how to handle this yet. I like the visibility Pinterest gives my work but I’m also really worried about the implications of their User agreement. I really wish they would moderate some of the terms. I’m sitting on the fence with the issue. I’m also listening to more informed artists and photographers as they make money from their work- something I haven’t worked up to yet.

    • It took me awhile to decide as well and I truly feel that for the most part my work isn’t something ground breaking or earth shattering. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and all I ask for is a link back. 🙂


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