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One Little Word 2011 Wrap-Up

2011 was the year to simplify…

I started the year in a small rental house feeling cramped to the gills with all that was around. Couldn’t move, couldn’t relax… needless to say within months that would change.

We signed on our 11 acres in April and finally were able to move to the ranch in July. We went from roughly 1200 square feet with our stuff EVERYWHERE to a 400 square foot RV and a barn full of our stuff. What a way to teach me {and my husband} about excess. We simply didn’t have the room for anything “extra” in our RV and have learned what basics are necessary for us to survive together.

We have worked out many storage configurations and granted we still have many things just in various spots but it works for us. I have learned to stay on top of laundry and dishes because there isn’t a place for them to go if they aren’t put up. I’ve learned to work with the basics when it comes to scrapbooking/crafting/card making. I don’t have all of my supplies and have gotten very ingenious with the way that I store things in the RV making full use of every nook and cranny. I will say that some of my stuff stays in my car as I have been going to my friend’s house and crafting as well.

When we moved, we had a huge garage sale and sold so much of our excess and it felt great. Made for less to move but we still have a ton in the barn that I have the urge to go through and purge if the weather will just cooperate.

I’m definitely happy with where my life lead me this year and how I did work hard to simplify in many areas of my life.

How did your 2011 turn out? Have you found/chosen your One Little Word for 2012? Check back tomorrow as I talk about mine.

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