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OLW2012- January Update

After one month of having “Open” be a part of my life, I have truly felt inspired by the word.   Back on January 1st, I said that I would be open to new adventures, have an open mind, have an open heart, and be open to what is to come.

Open to New Adventures

– Have been adding to my Etsy shop 3-4 times a week
– Participating in Weekly Card Challenges to help spark my creativity and meet new people {hello all of you!}
– Went mudding with my husband for the first time

Open Mind
– For the month of January, my college course didn’t make. It was disheartening as I had really enjoyed teaching this class. For the past few months it has been sketchy and I am sadly not seeing it make in the near future as the numbers in this course are low. I have contacted one of my older students and hope to start tutoring her two children here in the near future.

Open Heart
– After losing a few of our puppies this past month, I have come to the realization that sadly that will happen on our property as we live on the highway. We have worked around the property for the remaining puppies (Sookie and Jake) to stay inside with us at night and hope to add chickens and goats to the ranch in the Spring
– Hubby and I are still TTC {trying to conceive} and truly believe that after 6 months of actively trying (almost 3 years on not preventing} we are ready for it to happen when it does occur. We are regularly going to the doctor and know that together we will be able to make this possible.

Open to What is To Come
– The ranch is starting to evolve. Hubby is constantly doing a bit more here and there to start the preparation for our future home. We have decided on a basic style for the house and he has started to get quotes for the building of our metal structure. Last week we were looking at various methods of concrete staining because although we want laminate or hardwood floors, they don’t work well in a metal structure and carpet is just out of the question as I don’t want to worry about stains, vacuuming, etc. 2012 is the year to have a house and I have told him that my first priority is a bathroom and a kitchen. I don’t care if our bed is in the middle of the building as we finish it out.

So, how is your One Little Word doing this year?  If you haven’t joined in, take some time and reflect on what you want for yourself in 2012 and choose a word (or phrase) that you will strive for this year.  More information can be found on Ali Edward’s blog.

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