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NSD Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was fast and furious and it all started Friday night! I am so happy that I was able to participate in National Scrapbook Day for another year with great friends.

1. All set up for the launch party of Everyday Storyteller. 2. Feeding our 5 chickens Saturday morning. They need their wings clipped and are ready to move to a bigger space. 3. My set-up for National Scrapbook Day. I got 6 pages created and in all are in some state of completion. 4. I am. This was my motto Saturday night when I was thinking, contemplating and reflecting. 5. Woke up to pack Distress Ink orders on Sunday so they would ship on Monday. 6. Signing Mother’s Day cards to mail them out on Monday. 7. Watching hubby work so that we could go eat lunch together.

And the day ended with pulling my scrapbooking stuff from my car and getting it put all back where it belonged. I hope to be able to finish some NSD Challenges and get them loaded this week.

What were you able to accomplish? What did you purchase?

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