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New Month with New Ideas!


Where has the time gone? October went by so fast and now it’s already November. I can’t believe that the last few weeks that I have had at home (no travel for training) have gone so fast and now It’s November and I am headed back out a few times this month.


Besides working hard on getting more of the Interactive Notebook bundles for 3rd-5th grade math up in the store I’ve also been working with my translator to get out more Spanish resources. She is up to date on all of the Solve and Snips (which are also available as a bundle) but has started to work on my Interactive Notebooks to cover all of my Bilingual and ESL classrooms teacher followers.

Next week I’m headed of to the land of Ohio (never been before) and I can’t wait to meet more teachers who love learning new ideas, techniques and strategies to help their students. I will be presenting a session on Engaging Students and Raising Achievement with Interactive Notebooks and I’m so excited! I’ve changed up a few things for this session from how I’ve taught it in the past and I”m really hoping that the teachers who come learn a lot.

Any ideas for things that we must do on our trip from Texas to Ohio? We are leaving on Monday and driving through Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky before hitting Ohio. The 18 hour drive might be the death of me but here is to hoping that it all works out for the best!

(Photo Credit: Rachel Smith Yzaguirre- my sister who owns RoboGirl Illustrates and is currently honeymooning in Germany)

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