New Freebie for You- Owl-Some Order of Operations

I’m loving the fact that Fall weather is finally showing up in Texas even if it is only a day here and there. Last week while I was enjoying the lower temps (yes, 80s is Fall here at times), I was completely inspired to create a new FREEBIE for my followers and since I wanted to really help an area that students are having trouble with, I chose Order of Operations with powers.

Practicing Order of Operations is a skill ALL students need at all times of the year. This FREEBIE will help you and your students make sure their skills are owlsome!

First things first, I printed out the Directions and Answer Key on regular white cardstock so that they could be put together with the cards for students to work with. For the matching cards I chose to do the problems on one color cardstock while the answers were on another.

**Someone left a comment about the problems not all being on one row. I will say that I didn’t do this because then the font of some of the problems would be really small. I was picturing students working with dry-erase boards and re-writing the problem to solve them when using them.**

Order of Operations with Powers Matching Game- Perfect for grades 6-8
Order of Operations with Powers Matching Game- Perfect for grades 6-8

Preparing an activity involves just a bit of laminating. Love using my Scotch Laminator and the pouches that I get in bulk at Sam’s. Makes for easy laminating at home when I need it.

Preparing Owl-Some Order of Operations

I had to buy a new trimmer because my prior trimmer met someone who believed in the 5 Finger Discount. No problem, grabbed the new Swingline Trimmer for a STEAL and am loving it. Also love that it’s pretty subtle in colors and matches my home office.

Matching Owl-Some Order of Operations

Once the cards are cut, the match up is ready to go and help students practice. Now, I know the directions and answer key page are somewhat themed with the haunted house but this can totally be used all year long.

Storing Task Card and Matching Activiities(storage)

And the all important thing is, “How do I store this?” When it comes to me storing things, I put all of the full size pages in a page protector in a binder and sort them by concept that they cover and then the cards go into hikaye an index card box or a pencil box from Back to School clearance depending on their size. I print out a label to go along the side that says the title name and concept covered and put a duplicate label on the page protector.

Monday Made It

So happy to have finally been able to link up with 4th Grade Frolics once again for Monday Made It. Go check out the links this month so that you can see what everyone else had a chance to make.

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    • Cindy,

      Great question. It really does depend on your time constraints and what you are wanting to use it for. I think it would be great as an partner activity, small group activity or even an independent activity. You could have it where the answers were hanging in a different part of the room and they had to write them down and go check to be a race against the class.



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