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More INB work and a Pop Quiz!

I think I am still totally in love with Flippables and Interactive Notebooks after 8 weeks of using them in the classroom!

Today for 7th Grade Math, we continued into our unit on Proportions. Each student was able to relate a word problem into setting up a proportion WKU style! I blogged about WKU Style Proportions way back last year and things haven’t changed, my students still LOVEthis method!

Click on the pic to be taken to my TPT store to purchase the Mini Poster, Poster and Flippable for only $3.00!
Click on the pic to be taken to my TPT shop where this flippable is available!

They got to finish today off with a little Pop Quiz review over Multiplying and Dividing with Fractions! So cute and easy to incorporate those spiraling skills!

Click on the pic to be taken to this resource available in my TpT Store for only $1! It includes an answer key as well! 🙂

Then moving onto 7th and 8th Grade Resource Math, we are working on a unit involving Data and Statistics. They are rocking it this week and today we combined our learning of Mean, Median, Mode and Range into a Flippable that also has a graph that we created together. LOVING IT!

Click on the picture to be taken to my TpT store to snatch up this Flippable for only $2.00. It includes the cut out pieces for inside the flippable as well!

I love how the inside of this Flippable looks! I love cutting things down and gluing them in so we can simply talk about it and then have a reference. They loved creating the frequency chart together. I will tell you that I find it funny that my 7th graders average almost 8 hours a night of sleep while my 8th graders are down to only about 6 hours. CRAY CRAY!

Sort-And-Stick_INBI hope you are having a great day and whew, it’s only 5:35 pm on a Friday and I’m finally going to get out of here! So much to do, not enough time! 🙂

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