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Monday Made It: Marketing, Planners and Conferences

Week three of Monday Made Its and I am still going strong! This week is full of organization and preparing for some upcoming (and most recent) conferences. Thank you so much Tara for allowing us to share all of our great creations with the education community once again!


First thing was to create a rack card to hand out at my OCTM conference. These went over well and many new people were able to grab my Interactive Notebook Starter Pack as a FREEBIE! I will be using these for the upcoming conference in New Orleans as well.

Rack Cards for Conference

mmi 2

This week I also got my planner in from Best Value Copy that I had custom made for me. I had to get started on organizing it and getting it all pretty right away!

First thing was that I grabbed some NoteTabs by Avery just like I had on my planner last year. I really like these because they are not only durable but I can write on them and they won’t harm my book if I need to move one of them.

Organizing my PlannerAdding Tabs

I didn’t stop there with working in my planner. I pulled out some of my Washi Tape and blocked off times in my weekly calendar that showed I was going to be at one thing for a few days. Had to use all different colors! 🙂

Blocking Off Time

mmi 3

And the last time that I started just wasn’t going to be finished in time because there are still some steps to do. They should be finished this week but so far this is how things are looking. I spray-painted the edges of some vintage suitcases (there will be 4 in all) with black. Loving how it’s looking so far.

Step One of Next Weeks Monday Made It

And after last week of sharing some storage containers that not everyone could find, I thought I would share these that I found yesterday at Michael’s. They are $14.99 and on sale for 40% off this week! Add in your teacher discount and you are getting the 6 mini containers (photo sized) inside the larger container for less than $9 after tax!

Task Card Storage from Michaels

Thanks again Tara for another great Monday Made It! I’m off to go hop and see what else everyone is creating!


Monday Made It

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