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Middle School Madness at EduCents!

Middle School is all about finding yourself and during that time it is so important that we take the time to make sure our students are engaged to capture their minds and hearts. Over the course of the past few years I have learned that having things that not only relate to the material I am teaching but that are also of high interest.
Engaged Students Equal Engaged Minds
 Because I know how hard it is to find materials for Middle School, I have teamed up with EduCents with some instant downloads for you! Loaded with great activities like to get your year off to a great start!

These products included will surely be loved by your students!  

But that’s not all… the bundle covers to following topics that you will need to teach this year:

 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Long Division with Remainders 
Algebraic Properties & Expressions
Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
Place Value through the Millions
Word Problems
Order of Operations
Number Lines
Composite Figures, Complex and Irregular Shapes
Mean, Median, and Mode
Pythagorean Theorem
For a limited time it is $10.99 from EduCents which is about 75% off!  16 instant downloads for your middle school math learners that are sure to engage.  And 220 pages of materials ready for you to use – there is sure to be tons you will love!
Check out the other amazing products included below:

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