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This summer, ten teachers from Teachers Pay Teachers joined together to compile an EXCLUSIVE bundle of math resources for 3rd through 9th Grade Math. The value of all these resources is over $125, and you can grab it for only $25 – 80% off! There is a very limited quantity – once we’re sold out, they’re gone forever! Grab your copy here at

I have a total of FOUR things in this bundle that will definitely help you in your classroom.

The first of these is my Mean, Median, Mode and Range Flippable. This is great for many different levels and also allows you to have a data set created by your class in the center.

Mean Median Mode Range Flippable

My Building Blocks of Geometry Flippable is great for reviewing vocabulary to identify and describe geometric figures. I used this in my 7th grade class to review prior vocabulary but also provide a resource for my students to review.

Building Blocks of Geometry Flippable

Problem Solving with the Halflings has been one of my favorite creations to date! These task cards review skills for all operations involving decimals and fractions! Perfect for a review and assessment in your classroom!


And my last creation on the CD is one that I created for a teacher friend who told me what her daughter was struggling with. This Metric Conversions Flippable allows students to create a number using the number cards and then convert the number to another version by simply moving the number cards. Being very tactile allows for students to manipulate and learn at the same time.


The sheer value of my materials is $12.50 which is already half the price of the CD and you still have 9 other teachers to grab some great materials from!

Find out more about the participating teachers and their products at and hop along this link party.


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