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Mastering Math Facts by Laura Candler


For the past decade I have “known” the fabulous Laura Candler. I came across her website when I was student teaching and looking for some ideas in the classroom back in the days when teaching websites and blogs were few and far between. Laura’s Virtual File Cabinet was my go-to resource for when I began teaching and was looking for ideas that had been used by teachers were proven to work.

I was honored to be asked about a month ago to review Laura’s latest book, “Mastering Math Facts“, as I am a self-professed Math Nerd and love finding new ways to incorporate fun in the learning of math facts.

As soon as I opened Laura’s book on my iPad, I was drawn in by Laura’s first statement, “Most classroom teachers would agree that knowing basic math skills is a major factor in strong mathematics progress, and research confirms this view.” Amen sister! You are speaking my language.

As a middle school teacher I see students regularly who do not have a concept of basic number sense and therefore have not mastered math facts. Yes, I am saying there are 7th and 8th graders who do not know off the top of their head that 4×9=36. I know this isn’t abnormal as I have heard from many teachers that students are still relying on the basic concepts of counting on, using manipulatives, etc. to be able to perform basic operations.

Throughout the entire book Laura provides not only all of the necessary items to reproduce each activity in your own classroom but also provides tips and tricks along with each as well. And the best part, Laura explains in each section about the steps to move through while becoming a Math Master. You can’t start at the 12th floor if you haven’t mastered what goes on in the Lobby!

“Mastering Math Facts” is definitely an amazing book for any teacher grades 4-8 who has students struggling with being able to remember multiplication and division. Building the connection of multiplication and division is important for students to develop as it makes future problem solving and algebraic thinking make much more sense.

mmfwebinarIf you are interested in learning more about “Mastering Math Facts“, take a moment an register for Laura’s upcoming FREE WEBINAR on July 16th at 8pm EST. This is a great chance to learn from Laura on implementing her strategies in your classroom as well as having a chance to win a copy of the book as well.

I know I will be there!

If you are interested in snagging a copy of this book for yourself, check it out on Amazon at the link below.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience inside and outside the classroom.

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