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Starting the New Year Right!

Last week another Twitter Teacher friend, put an amazing idea in my head with her #made4math post of a syllabus brochure! Umm, how cool is that? I can totally see this working so well because then after it is glued in the notebook, my students can say they didn’t know something.

Since I am not only moving grades this year but also teaching a total of 4 different classes, I had to create 4 different syllabuses {yes, that is the correct plural}. Yes, I am CRAY-CRAY!

I had a basic syllabus going that goes over all the basics in my classroom. I love having it in this format though because I can always print out more and give out on “Meet The Teacher” night since it has all of my information on it as well! 🙂

So, without further ado…. here is my 7th Grade Math syllabus. I’ve made it pretty with some graphics and a few different fonts {Pea Ash, Pea Angedawn and Bernard MT Condensed}. I love how it came together and just have to make a few changes for the other 3 so it works for those classes as well.

Syllabus for Notebook

I have two other projects that I was hoping to get done but someone didn’t eat the Pringles fast enough. LOL! Guess that will be next week!

Off to check out all the other great #made4math posts!

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