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Long Time No See!

I know it’s been awhile since I have truly blogged ( had a lot scheduled while I was out) but here is an update!

We have moved into our house. We are still working on getting everything moved in and should be finished doing that from our apartment in Austin this weekend. It will still take time to get it all unpacked and moved to the right place in the house but I am so happy we are here!

I started my new full-time job on Tuesday. I am working with Eighth Graders to prepare them for the Math TAKS test in April. I am also working with a few groups of Sixth Graders to prepare them as well for the Math TAKS test. Today I was blessed with my own office, my own rooms for tutorials (one for Eighth, one for Sixth), my shared computer although the other person is never there, my shared phone (again NEVER there), and my own set of keys! How cool is that?

Okay, I must go work on packing orders! I shall leave you with a video!

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