Live.Teach.Create Goals for 2011

Every year we all sit around and think about what we want to change for the new year.  This year I am focusing on simplifying all aspects of my life and therefore I have decided to also make my goals for Live.Teach.Create for 2011 fairly simple.  I got the idea to post it this way from Elise Blaha so I do not take credit for posting in this format.

I have been playing around with new ways to market things and package things and I am excited about some combinations that I have coming in 2011.  I am looking forward to bringing in more card kits, collections of materials and other things that many of you have been asking for. I started small with a number of 25 thinking that is right at 2 per month.  That is manageable to me.
This is a pretty odd one to throw out there as I want to have better sales this year.  While my store will still continue to contain supplies at discount prices, it will also start having more kits that I have created for card making, layouts, and other products that I have created.  I am a very eclectic person when it comes to what I like to create and I know that many of you are as well.  I ended 2010 with reaching my goal of achieving 350 sales.  I remember when I was excited about getting to 175 just a few months back. My customers have proven to me that they are loyal and loving.
Making YouTube videos is something that I truly enjoy.  I think that setting a goal of 50 videos (roughly 1 a week) is not only doable but also very true to form of where I have been in the past. I am working on my editing skills and trying to learn the new software so that I bring you good quality videos.  I will continue to do New Product videos but I also want to show more projects and technique videos in 2011.
Going to craft fairs is something that I have LOVED to do since I was a kid. I have loved looking at everything that is offered by different vendors and finding just the right thing (or things) for me. I have had a dream over the past few years to be a vendor myself. I want to use the new collections/kits that I make this year as well as a few other ventures and put them out for the world and see how they are accepted.
Meeting new people is more than just a “business” goal for me, it is also a personal goal.  After now living in a new town for 5 months, I want to see who all it has to offer. I am putting myself out there not only as a person but as a business woman who has things to offer.

So what are you personal goals for 2011? What are you business goals for 2011? What do you plan to do to achieve those goals?  Leave me a comment so I can count you as a new person that I am “meeting”.

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