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Keeping it Low Key

This weekend was pretty much my first weekend off for Summer. I wanted to stay pretty low key without emphasizing that and we did pretty well to do just that.

Friday night, I started working on a layout for the wedding album that went along with the current challenge from Second Floor. I am so happy to be almost finished with this album and call it done. I am planning on filming a video of the entire album once it is done for all to see. I will be sharing this layout with you later this week as well.

A lot of the time when I go to pick up Michael from work, Aretha will go with me because she is so small and she can. She is totally adored by the ladies that work with Michael. Friday night, she was climbing all over me as we were waiting. I tweeted that we should have named her Polly instead of Aretha as she loves to sit up on our shoulders like a parrot.

Saturday night was cause to dress up a bit. We had a birthday party to attend for a friend of mine so I decided to wear my new Chevron maxi dress from Old Navy. Let me tell you, this is the most comfy dress ever. Granted it’s a bit low cut, I did wear a shrug over it to cover my arms and what not but I love it. I am probably going to add a snap in the folds of the neckline to keep it safe for work and what not.

My good friend Lisa was celebrating her birthday a bit early and I was so happy that we got to join her. We had a great time together and can’t wait to get back together for a double date.

You don’t know how proud I am of this picture. Michael never smiles in pictures and to catch a glimpse of one in this very picture, late at night, after he worked all day, in a bar, right before he went and sang karaoke, this was PERFECT!

So how was your weekend? What are your summer plans?

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