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Just A Little Bit

Happy Anniversary

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So happy to have celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary together today. We are doing our official celebration on Friday night by going back to the restaurant we went to on our wedding night with my parents. I can’t wait!

On a whim tonight I not only decided to clean up my living room a bit but I also decided to cook. I took out 2 bags of trash and some random boxes from recent orders (ahem, Gorder!) and then went into the kitchen. I dug through the baking cabinet and found a Chocolate Chip Banana Bread mix. I added the ingredients to it (and some flax seed to help make it a bit more healthy) and poured it into the Bundt pan. To top it off (or maybe that should be bottom it off), I added some Organic mini chocolate chips. YUMMY!

It came out fabulously! I now need to find a recipe that I can make this from scratch! I have been collecting more recipes lately and am excited about being able to cook more. Guess that also flows well with the “Favorite Recipes” album I am working on for a class now as well. 🙂

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