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Interactive Notebooks: What About an Absent Student?

A question that I get asked regularly via email or workshops and session is, “What do you do about students who are absent? How do they follow along with their Interactive Notebooks?”

Interactive Notebooks: What About an Absent Student?

In my classroom I had a file crate with hanging File Crate for Class Handoutsfile folders labeled 1-31. In each of these folders were the extra handouts from each day in class. My students knew that when they came in after an absence they were to pull the items for the day they missed, sign up for a tutoring time so they could get their mini lesson and make up their Interactive Notebook pages.

I always took snapshots of my pages in my Interactive Notebook and posted them on my classroom blog. This blog was able to be subscribed to by parents and students and receive daily updates so they would stay on top of everything that happened in the classroom.

So You Were Absent ExampleRecently it was asked, “What about students who don’t have internet access?” and through collaboration with the awesome Mrs. Dubrava I’ve created a FREEBIE just for you as a blog reader!

This is a completely EDITABLE file that you can create text boxes to add in information as well as drag and drop a picture (or pictures) for students to see exactly what they have missed. This is perfect to insert into the crate option that I used above.

There is room for the students name, date, objective in an I Can format and room for the assignment for students to complete which makes this so easy for you to keep up with daily absences in a quick and easy format.Absent Freebie

So for those of you who are using Interactive Notebooks in your classroom and want to make sure that your students are staying on track, grab this freebie by clicking on the picture above or jump over to this link!

I hope you enjoy this to make your classroom management of absences a bit easier!

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