Interactive Notebooks in Virtual Classrooms?

Interactive Notebook Update

So after reading the title for this post you are probably thinking I have lost my ever-loving mind! Well, I am here to tell you it can TOTALLY work!

So if you have been here this past month, you would know that I recently transitioned into a new position as a Special Education Math Teacher with Texas Virtual Academy. Let me tell you, I am LOVING my job more than I have ever loved a job before. My work family (yes, they are totally family) is amazing and despite being one of the 15 or so newbies that just started, it honestly feels like I have known and worked with these people forever.

But enough about that, you are here to see how the heck I am using Interactive Notebooks in a virtual classroom. Right?

When I first started I didn’t know how it was going to work out but after my first one-on-one session with another teachers student who was having trouble remembering what to do with equations, the ideas were flowing.

Despite my students being ALL OVER the state of Texas, I can still work with them to create their Interactive Notebooks to make them their resource when they are working on their practice problems and studying for benchmarks. And we all know that Special Education students need repeated exposure to the same processes and procedures for it to start making an impact in their learning.

Download the chart for FREE by clicking the picture!
Download the chart for FREE by clicking the picture!

So after that first session, I quickly adapted an anchor chart on Inverse Operations that I had already created and shared that with the students so that she would remember which operations “undid” each other when she was working with her One-Step Equations.

Click the pic to grab this Flippable and Practice Problems from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $2!
Click the pic to grab this Flippable and Practice Problems from Teachers Pay Teachers for only $2!

The next day, I was working with my Small Group and Scientific Notation was the question of the day. So we worked together and did several practice problems in Blackboard (our virtual classroom) and then I sent them a Flippable to match up the steps and some examples of each before they went over to Study Island to finish their practice skills.

I was SO happy to see how well the students who attended did on their practice problems and they LOVE being able to reference my classroom blog to see exactly what to do once more (as well as a fun video to go along with the lesson).

Today I will be working another student one-on-one to review Multi-Step Equations and then it’s on to Coordinate Planes later today in Small Group!

Come back this weekend to see those Flippables and Interactive ideas in action as I will be sure to share!

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