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Top 4 Interactive Notebook Tips and Tricks Posts by 4mulaFun

Tips and Trick for Interactive Notebooks

Every day I get emails and comments asking me about Tips and Tricks to get started on Interactive Notebooks. After looking through some of my past posts I decided to pull the TOP 4 Interactive Notebook Tips and Tricks Posts that I have written over the past two years.

All About Interactive Notebooks– This is actually a PAGE within my blog that contains a lot of the links to blog posts, videos and more for you to check out. I have updated it a bit as well to include some of the more recent things that I have done and plan to keep updating it.

Left Side versus Right Side– This post is a highly popular post as I talk about why I chose to FLIP the standard Left Side/Right Side in my interactive notebooks. I know that not everyone does it this way but it sure makes sense to me!

All About INBs Webinar– While the webinar was only a few weeks ago, the views have been through the roof! I’m seriously so happy with all that I was able to fit into 2 hours for you and can’t wait until the next webinar!

Setting Up Routines with INBs– Creating routines while using Interactive Notebooks is part of what makes things run smoothly in any classroom. This includes not only your schedules for your class periods but also how the flow is set up for materials and supplies. Definitely worth a read before you begin your school year.

What tips and tricks have you started to use in your classroom that have helped you to incorporate Interactive Notebooks?


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