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I Heart Math Holiday Hop

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 Note: Use this image to help you “hop” around. The advent calendar has a link to each day of the month HOWEVER, just like a real advent calendar, the posts do not “unlock” until 9 pm EST the night before the calendar date.


I can’t believe we have been hopping along for 17 days already and have filled your stockings not only wtih ideas on giving back and tips for holiday math but also a slew of freebies! Well today isn’t going to let you down because I have more in store for you.

Stocking Stuffer #1- Giving Back Idea

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When I was in school, and even while I was in the classroom teaching, I was very aware of adopting an Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree. There came a time when I wasn’t able to adopt an angel by myself and I missed doing so. This year however my husband and I found multiple ways to give back and we plan to continue to do so.

First of all we had a friend who was in need. She and her two sons had not only become homeless but she was also going through a divorce. A house fire took everything they owned and we couldn’t let the boys not have anything to their name much less for her to not be able to afford Christmas for them. The hubby and I took pleasure in stocking the closets for the boys (shirts, jeans, a jacket and even some underwear) as well as buyng each of them a Nerf Gun. Yes, all boys need a Nerf gun!

Thankfully our friend (my friend since childhood) wears roughly the same size that I do and I decided to do an early purge through my closet and send it all her way. My mom did the same thing and sent them over to her so that she would have some professional outfits as well since she was getting back into the work force.

We decided to not stop there and move on and we adopted two angels from the Angel Tree at our local mall. Hubby and I each picked out one and I sure hope that Jessica and Jorge have a blessed Christmas. We have an awesome Salvation Army around here and while I was worried about clothing not fitting for a 13 year old girl (inbetween sizes) they informed me that they have an exchange closet that they can come and exchange like items when they don’t fit. They don’t worry about the cost, they just swap pants for pants, shirts for shirts, etc. I think that is awesome and makes me want to help out our Salvation Army even more.

Well, hubby was at a doctor appointment earlier this week and they had an Angel Tree as well for a few people at a local shelter and as of Tuesday nothing had been brought in. They were coming on Friday and we just couldn’t let that happen so we went off to Target and took care of Miguel. Another Nerf gun was definitely in store for him as he was 8 years and simply asked for toys. Grabbed him some Lego kits as well.

Moral of these stories are to do what you can when youc an. We have been truly blessed this year and hubby and I have made it a mission to give back each month in some way. Give when you can and you will be blessed.

Stocking Stuffer #2- A Holiday Math Tip

stocking stuffer 2

As many of you are heading into that final stretch (or already have hit it), it is so important to manage those chunks of time in your classroom. Don’t let a minute go by when your kids don’t have something planned because that is when havoc can break loose. Keep your students engaged and working throughout the class period (even if it is an exam day) and you won’t have to fret about classroom management those last few days before the holidays.

A Special Gift for You…

special gift for you

And to help you get through those last few days, or even those first few days back, I have created a new item JUST FOR YOU!  This Hidden Message Riddle Me This covers Percent Proportions and is a perfect time filler! This puzzle will not only get your students to answer ten problems to find the percent of a number but also solve a riddle as well.


Thank you for catching up with me today. Be sure to tune in everyday during the month of December to read each blog post. By clicking on the header above, you will return to the starting point of our blog hop. Tomorrow Jen Smith (nope, not related) will provide you with wonderful holiday tips and a special gift.

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