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How Words Travel

Wordle: One Word
Today I got an email from my mother that totally surprised me.  It didn’t surprise me because it was odd to hear from her but because of the content of what she wrote.  I’ve know forever that she reads my blog but don’t really think too much of it because, it’s my mom and my rule is always that I won’t put something on here that I wouldn’t want my mom to read. (I know this from experience… believe me!)

It is easiest for me to just quote what she wrote so here goes:

“I stole the idea of One Word from Jennifer and everyone had to determine their one work resolution and then discuss what it meant to them and why the choose it.

Some overarching ones came about such as Simplify, Organize, Purge, Streamline but there were some interesting ones.

Treadmill – both to get in shape and to eliminate the unnecessary obstacles in happiness (i.e. get off the treadmill of unhappiness)

Let go – I know it is two words, which the person acknowledged.  It was to let go of all the ugliness they have in their life or they perceive in their life.  An example was you are only as happy as you decide you want to be.  Why are you wasting all your time on begin unhappy when you bring it on yourself?

Praise – Be happy for what you have and be thankful for it.  You are never going to have everything you want but why be negative about it all the time.  You think your life is tough, no this one was tough.  The story she told was very interesting.

Eliminate – Very similar to the overarching ones.

Happy – It is up to you.  Why do you waste all your time being unhappy when you make the decision as to whether you are happy or not?

Grateful – Learn how to appreciate what we have and show that gratefulness to others.  Why Jonesing all the time?

There were 25 women at this event and it was really interesting to see their explanation of their “One Word”.

I had originally thought mine would be Reduce but I am now thinking it will be Prioritize.

I have to work so it is a priority.  I have to get along with my co-workers so it is a priority.  I have to pay my bills on time, so it becomes a priority.  I have to do laundry, so it is a priority.  I have to clean house, so it is a priority.  I do not have to cross stitch or watch TV or browse the internet or shop or the list goes on, so those are not a priority.  You see where I am going.  I am still not 100% sold on this yet, but I will be by the end of the week.  I would have to make a list of what the priorities are and then when they were accomplished, I could work on my non-priority items.

I think the thing I learned the most from this is just get going on what the priorities in your life are.  The only person holding you back is you and how you act, behave, etc.”

The reason that I chose to post this was simple, the One Little Word has now moved way beyond what I would have expected. Because I chose to take part in Ali Edwards’ OLW 2011, now there are 26 other women impacted by this. I have made a difference by choosing my word and putting it out there for others to feel the same way that I do, fulfilled.

Are you fulfilled? What have you done that has impacted others that you never thought would?

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