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How To: Keep a Blog Calendar

Many times over I am asked how I plan out my blogging so far in advance. Well, let me fill you in on some magical secrets I have learned over the past NINE years of blogging.

Blog Calendar

1. You have to let your mind work in a way that accepts ideas whenever they come. Be open to inspiration from all around you and JOT IT DOWN!

2. Keep track of upcoming features, Linky Parties, etc. and participate!

3. Keep a calendar so that you don’t forget things such as the upcoming features, Linky Parties, date specific blog posts, giveaways you want to hold, regular features, etc. Google Calendar has been SO helpful for me in keeping all my blog post ideas in one place. And another great thing, if for some reason that blog post needs to move, I just drag it around to a new date! Simple as that!

Yep, three simple and easy steps to getting on the ball with blogging. If you saw my Summer Bucket List post, you know that I am aiming for 2-3 blog posts a week over the summer. Some weeks will have more, some will have less and that is okay! It’s your blog and NO ONE can tell you when or how to write!

Need some more inspiration on keeping up a blog calendar? Check out Lemon and Raspberry’s post on How to Maintain your Editorial Calendar.


Now, if you are like me and need a paper planner as well, I’m sure you will love the Personalized Planners that my friend MissMathDork is making not only for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers but has also started making them for Teachers as well. Check out her latest post that includes a giveaway! Or, if you are like me and can’t wait, just buy one from her as she has amazing customer service and makes them personalized JUST FOR YOU!

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