Hoppy Easter with Upper Grade Memoirs Blog Hop

Are you looking for some fun Spring activities for Elementary classrooms? Jump in on the blog hop to find some great freebies and more!Spring has sprung down in here in Texas and not only has it brought the random weather but also the pollen count with it! Despite all of that we are all looking forward to being outside each day and soaking up the great weather. With the Spring season there is a sense of rebirth but also a sense of “ants in your pants” as students want to be anywhere but in the four walls of your classroom. So today, my ideas for spring activities for elementary are to help you with just that… getting kids moving and grooving so you don’t feel like pulling your hair out at 9am.

So what can you do to help to settle Springitus in your classroom? Well first off there are amazing Brain Break videos available all over YouTube.

Music Notes OnlineOne that I totally have in my head right now is “Electric City” with Wyclef Jean. Then of course there are my AMAZING friends over at Music Notes that have some awesome songs and videos for math, language arts and motivation. Seriously, check them out because you will LOVE them!

million-dollarsThis is also a great time of year for Project Based Learning. Allow students time to show off the skills they have learned about all year by being able to put them to the test. One project I always did during this time of the year (which is coming to a store near you SOON) is the Million Dollar Project. I gave each of my students a MILLION DOLLARS and they had to spend it in a certain way. Now this taught them a bit about financial responsibility to go along with our Financial Literacy TEKS in Texas but it also showed them how expensive things can truly be in real life. You can now find this in my Teachers Pay Teachers store to use immediately! No prep needed!

Class Field Trip to SpaceA fellow Upper Grades Memoirs collaborator, Performing in Education, has some awesome projects available as well. She has one called Field Trip to Space that is defintiely looking like a winner in my book!

Whatever you decide to do with your students remember it is Spring, they have been testing and they are just as tired as you are. They are ready for summer and while we should expect the same out of them as we always should we should also understand that we all slip up.



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6 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter with Upper Grade Memoirs Blog Hop”

  1. Jenn,

    I love the million dollar project idea! My students love working with money, and I’m sure if they heard “million dollars” they would flip for the activity. Thanks for the great idea!

    Thank you for sharing my Field Trip to Space PBL. It’s one of my favorites!



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