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Happy Birthday to Me!

So this week’s self portrait is literally taken this morning on the way to school/work. I got a new outfit on Wednesday night from Lane Bryant (tank and sweater) after exchanging some stuff from Christmas and felt that it was perfect to wear for my birthday.

Today is the day that I turn 31 and I am feeling so blessed in life. I have a husband who I love and who adores me. I have a supportive family. I have a job that I enjoy working at {for the most part… LOL!}. I have time each week to be creative and express myself through art. I am me!

Tonight we have plans to go have Sushi at a new place and just spend some time together in town. I was able to do a pre-birthday celebration with my parents last night at their house and my dad grilled for me as you can see below. It was so yummy and so worth the little bit extra over my daily allotment of calories.

My brother, who now works at Central Market, grabbed some AMAZING cupcakes for us to share for my dessert. I honestly detest buttercream icing but this was so fresh and smooth it was light and amazing! Totally happy we had extra for this weekend! 🙂

One of my students at school is my Birthday Twin so we had to snap a photo today while we were celebrating. My students have been so supportive and I’ve had tons of wishes at work today. So happy! 🙂

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