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Halloween 2010 Mini Album

I am so excited to be starting my Halloween Mini Album for 2010 with great plans (and a deadline) of finishing. I know that I am probably the only one out there who gets tired of a project and then just “shelves” it for later. I have so many ideas that I think of that I get Scrappers ADD and want to go onto the next bigger and better thing. I love and hate this about my brain. LOL!

Well, this year I decided that I would give myself a deadline for this mini album. It has a purpose (Michael’s Birthday) and I know that it is something he will enjoy. I’ve never been a big celebrator of Halloween (how I grew up) and so this being his FAVORITE holiday is something I am having to become accustomed to.

Here is a link to the video that I have created showing you what I have gathered so far for my Halloween Mini Album. I plan for this to become a few more YouTube videos but I will also be working on it live on UStream on October 17th and 24th. There will be NO USTream on October 10th due to a wedding that I am attending.

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