Gotta Love Copics- March Club Colors

For those of you who are members of the Copic Club, or the “Copic Cabana Club” as Michael has dubbed it, we were happy to get the first month out without much of a hitch. WOOT!

March is here and the 15th is just around the corner. I am going to have to bump up the payment schedule to give them more time to make sure the colors are in so I will start sending out invoices on the 10th next month and have them due by the 20th. I hope this doesn’t affect anyone too much, email me at orders (at) liveteachcreate (dot) com if it does.

The colors that I have selected for March are as follows:

Remember, anyone can join at any time! Details can be found here!

Also, if you are interested in getting any additional markers, please let me know. The cost for additional markers is $4.25 each and there is no extra shipping until you get to 10 markers total and then anything after that bumps up to $5 shipping for all US up to 35 markers. WOOT WOOT!

Also, some people were interested in the Airbrush system. Well the basic Airbrush system would be $54.

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Scrap Your Heart Out!

6 thoughts on “Gotta Love Copics- March Club Colors”

  1. Hi! I am interested in your COPIC CLUB, but when I click “here” as instructed to get more info I receive an error message. Please PM me on YT with the info so thqat I may joint the fun! Thanks!

    • Tracey,

      I just went it an resent it to you. It shows that it sent out with the others on the 14th. I don’t know what happened.



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