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Going the Distance! Flippable Freebie for your Interactive Notebooks

Recently I was contacted by a fan on my Facebook page racking her brain to find something to help her students understand Distance-Rate*Time. After reading her request I chuckled at first because I can remember when I was teaching this to my 8th graders they struggled as well.

I know that I asked myself time and time again when I was teaching this same concept why it was so hard when it was simply multiplying. And then I realized, that is why it is hard for them. They think WAY TOO MUCH into the equation and can’t get that it simply is just plugging in the known items to find the unknown.

FREEBIE Distance Formula Flippable

Well, because I totally understood where she was coming from I had to jump in and help out! So I have created a FREE Distance Formula Flippable for you to use in your classroom! Yes, another freebie! Simply grab it by clicking on the picture and it is yours to use in your classroom

Distance Flippable

Remember, if you have friends who would also like to use this flippable I appreciate you sending them to my blog to download it for themselves rather than you passing it along to them. Sharing is caring but copyright prevents that. Thanks!

Interested in seeing what I have on the inside?

Distance Flippable- Distance Distance Flippable- Rate Distance Flippable- TimeWould love to hear what you think about this in the comments below. I might just have some more Flippable Freebies coming your way soon if you let me know what you are working on that I may not already have in my store. 😉

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