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Fractions Are Fun! {Throwback Tuesday} on Wednesday

Almost a year ago I posted about Fraction Operations on my classroom blog and offered a FREEBIE flippable that I used with my students to review Fraction Operations. I hope that you can get some use out of this Flippable as well.
Take Me Back Tuesday
Another day, another trip! Today’s trip was down Fraction Street!

Fraction Street is full of many different adventures. Finding common denominators, adding fractions, comparing fractions, multiplying by reciprocals, finding common factors, simplifying… and the list goes on!

Our focus today was reviewing the steps to solve fraction problems with all four operations. We started with notes in a Flippable for our Interactive Notebooks (best resources EVER).

Quick review in the beginning to refresh our minds on what the various parts of a fraction were and what each part meant. Quick, easy and too the point!

 Each student got a copy of the blank Flippable above and was directed to have it ready as we went through notes for each operation. Our Flippables were soon filled with great amounts of notes and love!

Would you like a copy of the blank Flippable? Feel free to download it by clicking on the picture above! Leave me a comment if you plan on using it as well as I would love to see other interpretations of the Flippable!

Flippable Template Pack

And if using Flippables in class are your thing, then please take a look at my Flippable Template pack PACKED with 83 templates that you can edit and print for personal use!

**If you are interested in Commercial Use of my Flippable Templates, that is available as well.**


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