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Follower Feedback: Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks

Just a few weeks ago I posted about using Diagrams in Interactive Notebooks. This week I received a fabulous email from a follower about how she used it right away in her classroom. Thanks Kristie!

Hi Jenn,

I wanted to share with you a foldable that I created after reading your blog post on diagrams in INBs.  As soon as I read your post, I knew I had to find some way to incorporate this creative idea.  I decided to make one on energy in the atmosphere and radiation, conduction, and convection.  It came out great and the kids loved it!  Here are some pictures!  Thanks for all the amazing ideas and resources!

-Kristie Bresz
Energy in the Atmosphere
Thanks again for sharing Kristie! I love seeing how everyone uses flippables in their Interactive Notebooks and classroom. 🙂
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