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Featured Product- Twinkling H2o’s now by Creative Imaginations

Recently Creative Imaginations bought the access to sell Luminarte’s Twinkling H2o’s and they came out with some great new colors! I am so happy to have these coming into our store and just found out from my rep that they should be shipping to me on 7/14/2010! WOO HOO! That is simply just around the corner!

While putting these on the site the other night, I updated our Facebook status so that our fans would know about them and I got the question about what Twinkling H2o’s were and how to use them. Well, I set off to do some great research for you and let me tell you, it was kind of hard to find. LOL! I did find a great site where multiple respondents have given their input as well as pictures on how they have used them. Now, granted this is a product that has been out there for awhile and CI is just coming out with new colors, but there are also some videos on YouTube as well! 🙂

So SHOP NOW so that you can get on the list when they come in! 🙂

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