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Epilepsy and Light Sensitivity

Blog Break: Felt this was a necessary post. I will be back to posting scrapbooking related items tomorrow! 🙂

Many of you don’t know that I am Epileptic. This means that I have had seizures in the past but thankfully, I have been seizure free for the past 11 years. I was diagnosed on October 17, 1991 and will soon celebrate 20 years with this disorder. I do see it as part of what makes me who I am and embrace all of it’s quirks that it brings with it.

The reason that I would like to share this article from the Epilepsy Foundation is that I have been over on YouTube and watching several videos, I have had to close them out fairly quickly because of “blinking” objects. I have never had a seizure due to light sensitivity but I have also always taken every precaution so that I wouldn’t. The article is very informative and doesn’t hide the details of what may or may not happen. It also makes it clear that you don’t have to have Epilepsy to have Light Sensitivity. Many of those with Autism or other Neurological imbalances will be affected by changes in lights.

So please take the time to read this article and if anything, put a warning in your videos if you plan on having blinking lights.

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