Early Christmas for the Sloanes!

If you hadn’t heard yet, Maggie decided to give us a Christmas to remember! Yesterday afternoon we had run some errands for some last minute shopping and when we got home Michael went outside to feed our dogs (Maggie, Toby and Molly). As he was outside taking care of them he came in and told me to get outside quickly! I didn’t have a clue why but these babies were precious site to find.

We could tell that they had born within the hour prior so we hadn’t missed much. The main concern for me what to get them inside, warm and make sure all was well with them as well as Maggie. All puppies checked out, are doing great and have done well with nursing.

Tonight I decided to go ahead and label them with a ribbon and weigh them so we can track their progress. Here is where we are beginning on Day 1:

Puppy 1- (Yellow) Only female in the bunch!
13 oz
Puppy 2- (Blue Polka Dot) “Beethoven” because he looks just like a St. Bernard
14 3/4 oz
Puppy 3- (Black Paw Print) Blonde with White stripe down back
10 1/2 oz
Puppy 4- (Purple) Black pup, white T on chest, white paws
14 1/2 oz
Puppy 5- (Blue Swirls) Brown with white chest and paws
12 5/8 oz
Puppy 6- (Stripes) “Chunk” Blonde big boy!
1 lb 3/4 oz
Puppy 7- (Yellow Ric Rac) Brindle with white stripe on head
14 5/8 oz
Puppy 8- (Pink) Black pup with white back paws
13 1/8 oz

So as you can see, I definitely have my hands full. At this point they should be ready for their forever homes right before Valentine’s Day and I will definitely keep you posted on their changes over the next 8 weeks of life!

If you have any tips, tricks, or things that will help me survive with 8 newborn pups, please let me know! I need all the help that I can get!

2 thoughts on “Early Christmas for the Sloanes!”

  1. OMG Jenn –

    They are just precious! What a wonderful Christmas present, the gift of new life! Oh you will have your hands full sweetie, but such a labor of love. Wishing the new family a wonderful Christmas!

    Elaine Allen


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