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Creative Card Club

One of Our October Cards! 🙂

How many occasions throughout the year are you required to give a card? Birthdays, Weddings, New Baby, Graduations… there are so many different occasions to give a card.

Ask yourself this, how many occasions do you have this month that you needed to/have sent cards for? Multiply that number by 12 (months in the year). Multiply that by $3 (average cost per card). Are you at a big number yet? {Mine was scary… 6 cards this month x 12= 72 x $3= $216 and that wasn’t counting Thank You Cards for orders}

Wouldn’t you love it if you could join a club where you would get all the pre-cut pieces for 4 cards a month for less than $8? How about less than $7? Yes, I will be having a card club each month for only $6.50! How amazing is that?

For those that are close by, check out the Facebook Page for the date each month. You will need to pay for the club no later than three weeks prior to the class. You are more than welcome to pay the month prior to guarantee your spot.

For those of you across the miles, the cost will be the same and you will receive all of the items that you need, color copies and pre-stamped images. Shipping will be $2 in the lower 48 and then calculated out after that. If you place an order through email with me, I can add your Creative Card Club to your order for no extra shipping cost! 🙂

Are you ready to join? Send me an email today and I will get you on the list and send you my address! 🙂

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