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Creations By Jenn- Cheerleader, Basketball Babe, and Fireman

So after yesterday’s post and telling you a bit about the custom made items I am making, here is a bit more.

Of course I had to have a logo and my friend Jenny came to the rescue. (Side note: I have a TON of friend’s name Jen, Jenn, Jenny or Jennifer… end side note). Jenny is like the graphic design guru and she loves doing it! 🙂
I am getting these printed onto better labels from my favorite site and will have those soon but for now I have regular labels to use on the hang tags.

So here is a better picture of the Cheerful Cheerleader and then also a Basketball Babe that I created tonight. I cut a ton of things out and am getting cranking on these. I love doing this now that I have a clue what I am doing! 🙂

Creations by Jenn

Creations by Jenn

And here is the Friendly Fireman that I just finished. I have one more I am working on before bed. They are coming together so quickly! I love it!
Creations by Jenn

P.S. I so wish I could find more of the paper (made by 2scrappinsisters which is now out of business) that I have in the background of each of the girls. Those were literally scraps. If any of you have any that you are willing to pass along, I would love to have it. I need it in 4×6 sizes so it’s even easier to mail. Also, if you have any scrapbook stores near you that have them, feel free to let me know and I can contact them to ship to me. 🙂

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