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Interactive Notebooks: Converting Customary Measurement Flippables {with video}

Custom Request for Flippables

Yep, that was a question that I received last week from a truly frantic mom. She had worked and worked and worked some more with her daughter and it just wasn’t sinking in.

I quickly responded to her letting her know that I had some that weren’t “pretty” yet so I asked her to give me a bit. Well within an hour I was able to send her a set of 5 flippables for Converting with Customary Measurement.

Customary Conversions for Distance Flippables

The first flippable was about converting distances where she simply wrote down the conversions to have an interactive chart that she could reference rather than just a handout.

Customary Conversions for Volume Flippables

Customary Conversions for Volume Small to Large Flippable

Once she got to working on the Conversions for Volume she started making great connections. The first flippable shows conversions from the smaller unit to a larger unit while the second flippable shows conversions from the larger unit to a smaller unit. This really is hard for students and not only did she see the connection but she saw that it was a fraction!

Customary Conversions for Time Flippables

Customary Conversions for Time Small to Large FlippablesAnd of course the last round of conversions revolved around converting units of time. These flippable is a bit different because you are gluing the center section down and then lifting the flaps up.

And then not only did her daughter stop there to create her resource, she also decided to film it and share on YouTube. This made her TEACH others about it as a resource and therefore she will more retain the knowledge she has learned (and used)! Please check out her video and leave some love!

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