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Making the Most of a Paper Collection

Have you ever picked up a set of papers, or even a collection, and wanted to make the most of that collection? Do you want to stretch every last inch of your paper supplies? Me too!

When I selected 4 sheets of the Pink Paislee Declaration collection to add into my stash, I knew I had to do something fun with them. We don’t do a big celebration for Fourth of July around here so I knew I was going to play off the colors in the papers.

With that in mind, I also stepped up the challenge, and wanted to create as much as possible without wasting paper! I started by finding some some starting points and basic sketches online from Shimelle Laine and May Flaum. Both of them have unique styles that totally inspire me to create.

After I created the “Starting Points” for the videos, I took time to film each of the layouts at this step so you could see just how basic a layout can start. You can watch the video below or click here to watch it directly on YouTube.

Now, I’m not done sharing things with you because I also created a PDF cutting guide to do exactly what I did and create the MOST out of 4 double-sided papers! I do hope you enjoy this and who knows, I might continue to make more and share them with you.

Making the Most of a Collection

Don’t forget to check back NEXT Wednesday where I will share with you how all 4 of these layouts turned out in their completion!

Also, if you are interested in learning more from Shimelle or May, check out their classes.

Shimelle has an absolutely fabulous class that was part of True Scrap 3 called “The Perfect Collection” that you can now purchase individually! You will totally not regret this purchase! Shimelle even includes a cutting guide for a FULL Collection!

May has a class coming out SOON with Big Picture that I am sure will NOT disappoint! The class, “Kit-tastic” focuses on using up your stash by creating with kits! How awesome is that?

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