Black Friday, Oh Black Friday!

So after much thinking, I have decided to offer up a Pre-Black Friday sale starting today! WOO HOO!

As many of you know I worked long and hard to get you the prized Thickers! Well, they are now here and available for shipping! Just in time for the Holiday Season! A few posts back I did an informal survey on how you choose your Thickers. Overwhelmingly, most of you said by color. Personally, I choose by the font and then work with an available color. I normally stick to my basics of white, black, brown or plain chipboard.

Well, I am bringing to you four different fonts (Delight, By The Yard, Giggles and Darling) all in white! Why white you ask? Did you know that there are literally TONS of ways that you can alter these white letters to make them customized to your liking? That is what is going to be featured over the next few weeks on The Scrap Beach during Thursday Scrap Chats as well as Sunday Skinny Dippin’ sessions.

Shipping will be $5 to the Continental U.S. and $10 for outside the Continental U.S.


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