Black Friday Goodness


I know that by now many of you are getting ready to start your day and go shopping for the wonderful Black Friday deals, or maybe you are like me and have planned all of your shopping online (or already done it).

During this time, don’t forget to stop by Etsy for your holiday gifts. Small Business Saturday is being promoted by American Express this year as they feel, and research shows, that the small businesses are what will help turn out economy around. I am not just putting this out there to promote my own small business as I love to look around on Etsy and buy a lot of my gifts from there as well as many things for myself.

Recent purchases include:

Custom Necklace

Rockabilly Pot Holders (this was a part of Michael’s Birthday present)
Rockabilly Pot Holders

Owl Business Card Case
Kotibeth Case

There are so many other things on my wish list that it would take days to list them all! I do hope that you take some time to peek in at Live.Teach.Create on Etsy and take a gander at the new stuff that I continue to add on a regular basis. I have filmed some new videos as well featuring the new items and hope that you enjoy them as well. Don’t forget to us the coupon code TURKEY10 for 10% off all purchases in the shop between now and December 1st!

**I will choose one lucky commenter on this post to win a set of 25 #8 Shipping Tags to be ready for Tim Holtz’ 12 Days of Christmas!**

7 thoughts on “Black Friday Goodness”

    • I am an Etsy fan and have been doing a lot of my shopping from there lately. It is also very inspirational to look at various things and see what I can create as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi Jenn –

    Thank you much for posting more videos. I’ve not stepped out of the house – no way am I going out to a store on Black Friday! I have not started shopping yet, and I have not even started Christmas Cards. I am so behind this year. Things have been kinda crazy at home the last month or so. I guess I better get moving, hmmm?!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Oh my gosh – the necklace – it’s gorgeous!!! I love it!!!! I didn’t go out and brave any crowds today, though I did stop by a LSS on my way back from the airport after dropping my mom off, and just picked up a few little things. Don’t have much $ to spend this year, with all the changes in our family…so it made the choice easy! But we are offering 15% off in our online store too, through Nov 30, though we’re not on Etsy. Totally in support of small businesses!!!


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