Back Issues Once Again!

Many of you know that on the first weekend of November I threw out my back. I had a sharp stinging pain when I was getting up from my computer chair and it wouldn’t go away. No amount of pain meds or rest would get rid of it all. I wen to the chiropractor that week and he did a test on my spine/vertebrae. When seeing the results the T12-L5 (all on the right side of my back) were in the 200-400 range when normal is 60-80. I began doing spine stemming therapy in the chiropractor’s office as well as at home.

I thought after a bit that the pain was gone so I stopped doing what was helping. I stopped doing much lifting and basically anything for myself as I was on limitations. Lifting over 5 lbs was against doctor’s orders! Well, I started to feel better roughly a month later. I thought things were getting so much better. I felt the twinges in my back from time to time but knew it was so much better and I could definitely take it on.

Today while I was at work and lifting one of my students (who weighs at least 40 lbs and has the strength of a 200 lb man) during a defiant time and my back started doing the spasming, sharp pain. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in. It’s hard to explain to those I work with and I hate feeling that I am not pulling my weight as it is something I need to do but just can’t.

So here I sit, resting on the couch with the dogs next to me. I’ve taken Tylenol 8 hour and it’s not working for anything. I honestly think that rest is the next thing on my agenda.

As I also post this, I am letting you know that orders are going out on Friday this week when I get my husband to help me. I honestly can not lift any thing down the stairs to get them to where the USPS man can pick them up. I am sorry about this but there is nothing I can do for this.

3 thoughts on “Back Issues Once Again!”

  1. You really have to take time for it to get better, which i'm sure is frustrating! I@m sending you back mending thoughts! Mind yourself xx

  2. Hi Jen. I am so sorry to hear about your back. I have lived with back pain for around 12 years now. The doctors can't do anything but surgery and I refuse to do that. I understand the pain you feel. I also understand how you feel with your job. I am a teacher also and I feel so bad when I can't do certain things. I wish you all the best and I hope you feel better soon.

    JENNY 🙂


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