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Are you Nerdy? Linky Party

Do you remember doing Mad Libs when you were younger? I sure do and I loved them!

My good friends Mel and Gerdy over at Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy have started a new weekly linky party that I am so happy to have joined in on and I hope you will too.


So without further ado….


Well, that really is a day for me. Waking up at 42 is about right because I never wake up at the same time anymore and I love that! Everyday I start with my beloved Keurig making me a new cup of coffee (or two). Yoga pants (or pajama pants) are my typical wardrobe and if I must get out I am out and about in our mini van. Hey, I may not have children but that thing holds a TON!

Starbucks is a regular occurrence although they really need to get some coconut milk or almond milk in the store instead of just soy. I might just start driving to Dunkin Donuts for my latte’s instead.

And of course, who isn’t perusing Facebook when they are sitting at their desk! Shh, we can keep it our secret!

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