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7 Perfect Summer Reads for Teachers

Summer Reading List for TeachersSummer is here, school is out, and you are more than ready to rest and recharge from an always-hectic year in the classroom. You’ve spent months with every waking thought focused on your classes, lesson plans, and continuing education coursework. It’s time to give your brain a break with some fun reads that will hold your interest without making you think too terribly hard. Here are a few great picks for summer reading for teachers that are perfect for kicking back on the beach with your toes in the sand or lounging on the porch at sunset with a cool drink.

Disclosure: Links provided within this post are affiliate links. While I do earn a small commission based on the sales of the items they do NOT cost you anymore. In fact, you may receive a cheaper rate because it is an affiliate item.

Beach Rental bookBeach Rental -This book is a perfect beach read, with it’s Atlantic Coast setting. Read along to find out how Juli Cooke’s marriage of convenience leads her down a beautiful, but sometimes dangerous and tumultuous path toward the future she’s always dreamed of having. 

The Hideaway bookThe Hideaway – In this wonderful story of homecoming, Sara Jenkins puts her life in New Orleans on pause to comply with the will of her grandmother. Along the way, she learns surprising secrets about her grandmothers life, develops amazing relationships with new friends, and then must make a difficult decision whether or not to give up her old life and fight a developer to keep her grandmother’s home. 

Turtles All The Way Down bookTurtles All the Way Down – Written by the best-selling author of The Fault in Our Stars, this beautiful story tells the adventurous tale of Aza and Daisy, on a quest to solve the mystery of a fugitive billionaire and collect the hundred thousand dollar reward. However, what will draw you in and touch your heart is the wonderfully written struggles of Aza as she deals with anxiety and OCD. 

The Great Alone bookThe Great Alone – In the wake of the Vietnam war, Ernt Allbright fights his own internal struggles which lead to him uprooting his family and moving to Alaska, on a whim. Though all begins well, the long, dark days of winter tell a different tale and his teen daughter, Leni, and wife, Cora, must face unknown terrors in the Alaskan wild, on their own. 

Eleanor and Park bookEleanor and Park – Though this book is classified as YA, the wonderful story of first love and all of the ups and downs that go along with it is truly timeless. Through Eleanor and Park, you’ll wistfully smile as their relationship grows, as they overcome obstacles, and as you reminisce over the first time you fell in love. 

The Selection bookThe Selection – This book is the first in a series that anyone who adores fairytales and romance won’t be able to put down. Follow the story of America Singer, as she is made to compete for a crown and a prince that she doesn’t want – or does she? 

The Scoop bookThe Scoop – This first book in the Godmothers series is a light and funny read – a true gem in your summer reading list. Follow a group of older Southern ladies, who have been compared to the Golden Girls, as they plot and scheme to help along the fate of those they love most. 

So tell me… which book might you pick up first? Have you read any of them yet? How many books are you hoping to read while on summer break?

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