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10 Reasons to be Lucky…

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As this time of year comes around, I always reflect back to why I am lucky in my life. So here are a few reasons of why I feel lucky at this time in 2012. {It will probably make it into a layout soon.}

1. I have a loving husband of almost three years who is extremely supportive and motivating.

2. I have two furbabies (Jake and Sookie) who love me.

3. I have a job that I enjoy and am able to see changes on a regular basis in the eyes of today’s youth.

4. We have land to call “our” own in the wide open country of East Texas.

5. I am seeing progress to build our future on Sloane Farms.

6. I have a mind that allows me to be extremely creative at home as well as at work.

7. I have a supportive family who know when to listen.

8. I have GREAT online friends to chat with even when we aren’t close in distance.

9. I have improved my healthy over the course of the past year.

10. I have lost over 30 lbs in the past year, have kept it off and continue to work on losing more.

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