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Seventh Grade Math Workshop – Concept Based Activities

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Are you looking for Math Workshop Activities to use in your classroom that will not only allow you to make the best use of you planning time but also allow you to easily implement Math Workshop because the planning is already done for you?

Within the 24 Weekly Units, you will have 8 activities provided to you each week for you to pick and choose or even allow a choice among your students to determine which activities they want to work on each week.

These low-prep activities will also allow you to spend less time prepping each week and more time spending time with your students in Guided Math, having math conference or assessing students.

After many years of using Math Workshop, I dreamt about having a year-long product that was done for me and I could simply pull the activities as needed and this was the culmination of this idea.

Included in This Download* for Seventh Grade Math Workshop is:

  • 24 Weeks of Concept and Activity Maps for Easy Planning
  • 24 Weeks of Teacher Instructions
  • Labels for Each Activity (with TEKS, CCSS and OAS objectives listed and without standards listed)
  • 192 Activities to Cover Concepts and Standards for the Grade Level

*This is the current list for what will be included upon completion.

Concepts Included Are:

  • CONCEPTS INCLUDED in the Seventh Grade Math Workshop Activity Bundle ARE:
    • Describing Set of Rational Numbers
    • Converting Rational Numbers
    • Operations with Rational Numbers
    • Write One Variable, Two-Step Equations
    • Model One Variable, Two-Step Equations
    • Solve One Variable, Two-Step Equations
    • Write One Variable, Two-Step Inequalities
    • Model One Variable, Two-Step Inequalities
    • Solve One Variable, Two-Step Inequalities
    • Real-World Problems Involving Two-Step Equations
    • Real-World Problems Involving Two-Step Inequalities
    • Solve Problems with Ratios and Rates
    • Solve Problems with Percents
    • Percent Increase and Percent Decrease
    • Sales Tax, Simple Interest and Compound Interest
    • Unit Rates in the Real World
    • Convert Between Measurement Systems (November 2019)
    • Constant Rates of Change (November 2019)
    • Distance Formula (November 2019)
    • Constant of Proportionality (December 2019)
    • Linear Relationships (December 2019)
    • Similar Figures (December 2019)
    • Scale Drawings (December 2019)
    • Angle Relationships (January 2019)
    • Circumference of a Circle (January 2019)
    • Area of A Circle (January 2020)
    • Composite Figures (January 2020)
    • Lateral Surface Area (January 2020)
    • Total Surface Area (January 2020)
    • Volume of Prisms (February 2020)
    • Volume of Pyramids (February 2020)
    • Probability (February 2020)
    • Data Analysis (February 2020)

More information can be found here if you have questions. BOLD ITEMS are included in the download as of now. View the Timeline for information about future downloads.

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  1. Alexis Atwood (verified owner)

    As a 3rd grade teacher turned 7/8 math teacher over the course of a long weekend (yes, that actually happened), I can’t tell you how valuable this resource is going to be for me! Wishing there was one for my 8th graders, too!

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Seventh Grade Math Workshop – Concept Based Activities


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