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5 Ways to Use Solve and Snips

5 Different Ways to Use Solve and Snips

When I began teaching Middle School math, I became apparently aware that my students detested working with word problems. It didn’t matter if I worked them with them, I asked them to show their strategies, or even let them work with partners or in groups… they HATED them. But I

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Creating New Years Goals in the Classroom

Creating New Years Goals

Can you believe that we are coming close to the end of 2018? This means that when we go back to school we will have started a brand new year. I don’t know about your students but with mine there always seemed to be a HUGE maturity change over the

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Spanish Solve And Snips You Say?

Why yes, yes I do! Many teachers have reached out to me wishing that my resources also came in Spanish. I have acquired an amazing translator to work with me to get all of my resources translated just for you! First up is the Solve and Snips! These interactive word

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Book Study: Guided Math Chapter 3

So happy to be here talking about Guided Math in the Upper Elementary and Middle School classroom once again. If you missed last week’s post, feel free to jump back over and check it out. For years I had students working on a warm-up when they entered my classroom. Middle

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Bundles of Savings through April 29th

The end of the school year is starting to arrive for many of us as every time I open Instagram or Facebook I see teachers who are counting down in some way (mostly counting the Mondays remaining). During this time of the year students are antsy and they want to

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Using Solve & Snips in Interactive Notebooks

Recently I was asked by some of my followers on ways to use my Solve and Snips as a review for the end of the year testing. They wanted to continue to use Interactive Notebooks so that their students would keep up with them and create an entire resource section

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8 Awesome Pi Day Activities!

While I am on Spring Break this week, so many of you around the states (and beyond) aren’t and with that you have the pleasure of being able to celebrate Pi Day on Friday! I am BEYOND jealous and with that I have scoured the web for some great Pi

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Relating Students to Word Problems

Think about this… If you had the choice, and the time, to read any book of your choosing would it be one you were truly interested in or one that you had no feeling for? most of us would choose the one we would appreciate and relate to from prior

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Five for Friday for 5/31/13

Another week has come and gone and just a little bit to share with you this week for the Five for Friday Linky that Doodle Bugs is so gracious to host. This week was pretty slow when it comes to actually getting out and doing things because I was working

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Reviewing Proportions with WKU

Seems like many teachers I have talked to recently are reviewing proportions with their students. Just last week Ms. M shared with me that her students were working on the Proportions Solve and Snip while I was reviewing how to set up proportions using WKU. Ms. M‘s kiddos sure were

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Just In Time…

From the very first Solve and Snip that I introduced back in October 2012, I have been requested to bundle them all together for teachers who teach more than one grade. Well I am happy to announce, that bundle is NOW AVAILABLE! Some of you may know why I created

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