Fifth Grade Spiral Bound Interactive Notebook


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Calling all FIFTH GRADE teachers! This Spiral Bound Teacher Edition (all the lessons compiled together and ready for you use in your hands) is PERFECT for you!

Looking for a Math Interactive Notebook to cover your entire year of teaching math in fifth grade? This bundle is packed with goodness covering all material learned in 5th grade.


– Vocabulary Frayer Models for Unit Vocabulary
– Detailed Teacher Directions for each Interactive Notebook Activity
– Suggestions for Right Side (Output) Activities and/or Reflection Activities for each lesson
– Pictures of Flippables and/or INB Lesson in action {More photos coming}
– Teacher Guided Activities for Input Portion of lesson


Unit One– Order of Operations and Whole Numbers (10 complete lessons)
Unit Two– Decimals (10 complete lessons)
Unit Three– Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals (10 complete lessons)
Unit Four– All Operations with Fractions (11 complete lessons)
Unit Five– Geometry and the Coordinate Plane (5 complete lessons)
Unit Six– 2D Figures (5 complete lessons)
Unit Seven– Volume and Measurement (10 complete lessons)

That’s 61 lessons to cover your Fifth Grade Standards for less than $1 per lesson!

Within the PREVIEW you will find a breakdown of which standards are covered in each lesson. Download this to make for easy correlation. The alignment shows Common Core as well as Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

All activities are aligned to 5th Grade Common Core and TEKS Standards and meant to be able to be used in any 5th grade classroom.

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